We'll Find and Fix Your Leaks

We'll Find and Fix Your Leaks

Sewer line leak testing in Lubbock, TX

Sometimes small leaks can lead to major repairs and costly utility bills. If you think you have a leak at your home or office, hire Powerhouse Plumbing for plumbing leak detection services.

Our plumber relies on years of experience and industry-leading equipment to locate and repair leaks. Once we find the leak, we'll explain our repair process and get to work making the necessary fix.

Trust Powerhouse Plumbing to locate and repair your plumbing leaks. Call 806-239-8325 now for a free estimate on leak detection services.

Ignoring a leak can cost you big

Don't let your plumbing leak problem get worse. Choose Powerhouse Plumbing for fast and affordable leak detection services. We can detect sewer line leaks anywhere on your property, including under the slab.

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